Reading After Writшng

If you are not sure where the pub date is after the title page flip the page over that’s the copyright page and whatever the where it says symbol C and then the date that’s a copyright date that’s the date you wanted to use for your publication date so like simple C 2010 that’s the date mm no URLs where students fall down awhile and using URLs is that they’ll just give the URL WWE website calm period that’s it so when John and I go to your bit pages and just see these URLs we don’t know what these are so make your URLs complete in your bibliography treat the URL like a standard bibliographic reference put the name of the author the name of the article the name of the website and the date if there is a date on the website or whatever date you hold the URL okay so that’s the name of the author and maybe the article and they’ve got a website and the date if and if it’s not the date of the website itself.

And whatever date you pulled it that will really help us to know what you’re referring to spell check and grammar check it is essential that you run your papers through spell check and grammar check when they’re completed I can’t tell you how many people tell me people fall down by not doing that because you’ve got this great paper you’ve got on your research that this you know really strong paper but then it’s filled with romantical errors spelling errors that could have been fixed just by running it through spell check and grammar check please do that it makes a huge difference now I’m going to get into the reviewing and editing and proofreading process in a minute but I do just want to say one thing here if you have time to step away from your paper for a while before you submit it that is really good.

You want to read your paper again after your initial writing that’s where you can look for things like declare the sentence introductory sentence spelling you know spelling grammar errors that kind of thing you will be amazed at what jumps out at you once you read your paper over again a date is usually recommended give it a day then go back to it I know that isn’t always possible you’re finishing your exams or your cure papers like at the last minute but at least give it a couple of hours just step away from it and then go back to it you will be like an editor reading your own work and you will be amazed at what jumps out at you trust me am i right on that job oh yeah also if you have somebody else to read your paper a friend or relative even before you submit it to an English major or somebody at the ready clinic that would be really helpful because that person that doesn’t know what you’re talking about if something he says is unclear that person can say I don’t understand this what did you mean then you can clarify it that makes a real difference.