Approach To Writing

You’ve seen a newspaper article the editorial page apart from the editorial do you find the Hindu article in the open page right you will find that it’s an essay on a topic but you’ll find there are two three importance of biddings it should be there that should be the approach to writing the same not some each thing capitalism what are the benefits of capitalism you know it leads to creation of wealth it will trickle down effect it does create invention so each one you don’t have to be submitting but benefits of capitalism will be abroad submitting and under that there will be four paragraphs one paragraph will deal with creation of wealth one paragraph will deal with how capitalism helps in invention one paragraph will deal with how it leads to market economy and value creation one paragraph will deal with how it will lead to trickle-down theory by this thing but the next suffering will be overall suffering will be challenges or capitalism however leads to inequality or capitalism and inequality. Read more about approaches to essay writing on Edusson.

And in that you will not say that my god between the rich and the poor there is areas geographical areas which are affected that some areas are more brown and some areas are not so grown right you will not say that it results in regressive taxation or whatever it is these are the various angles you not give subheadings for each of those handles but introduction benefits of capitalism capitalism and inequality and then conclusion you don’t have to give interaction as I saw bidding introduction will be the most two paragraphs then main subheading which will change benefits of capitalism and which you want to bring and inequality will be a sabbatical may not result in trickle-down theory may result in inequality I have shown by no empirical evidence across the world results in geography cuz you know differentiation some of the geographies are well developed while some of the geographies are not so well develop it leads to exploitation like how it happens within the societies or between continents here by so each of those topics which you want to bring under the ills of capitalism will not be a separate sided they will be separate paragraphs but you can give and oh sorry so I am NOT give more than two or three subheadings right depending on aspects from which you want depending on the topic.

So there are three angles which you want to three distinct angles three separate subheadings would not more than that and then no this uh biddings ideally you can write we don’t even have to underline it right this uh bidding in bold letters so it is clear that it is a submitting so you know only important words you may want to underline but again don’t make it a control you know it controlled you all of you understand right in computer and you do can told you everything gets underlined so people will get irritated examiner will get irritated if you keep your underline some hundred words in a page where you written 300 words don’t worry you PLC don’t worry you and you don’t know the examiner will definitely read your answer sheet well right and if you terminal you’ll get good lucks so you don’t have to worry oh what if this word is missed out by the examiner don’t bother.