Academic Writing Tips : How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Today we’re going to talk about how to write a persuasive essay. All good essays in my opinion are persuasive. All strong essays will have a very passionate opinion about what they are being written about. So, essentially all essays should be persuasive in some way. But to actually be a persuasive essay that is in quotes, you actually have to be very up front about your position on the particular topic you’re writing about. So what you should do is therefore take everything, all the reasons to agree with your position and write them all down. And then take all the reasons to disagree with your position and write them down as well. And systematically go through and figure out why your position is better than the other position. In a persuasive essay, you actually want to be honest, I hope, about what you’re writing about and about what you’re trying to persuade the reader to believe. So you should actually really check yourself and make sure that you don’t mention anything that you might have questions about in your mind as you’re writing this essay. So, go ahead and pick out the best arguments that you could present. But also give integrity to the opposing side. Let people know that yes, you understand how people could think in a different way but you yourself know that’s the wrong way. So you want to persuade the reader to essentially come over to your side. And like I said before, I think all good strong essays are persuasive in some way. If I get to the end of an essay and I haven’t been persuaded of at least something, I pretty much wasted my time. So think about that as you write any kind of paper.