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You’ve seen a newspaper article the editorial page apart from the editorial do you find the Hindu article in the open page right you will find that it’s an essay on a topic but you’ll find there are two three importance of biddings it should be there that should be the approach to writing the same not some each thing capitalism what are the benefits of capitalism you know it leads to creation of wealth it will trickle down effect it does create invention so each one you don’t have to be submitting but benefits of capitalism will be abroad submitting and under that there will be four paragraphs one paragraph will deal with creation of wealth one paragraph will deal with how capitalism helps in invention one paragraph will deal with how it leads to market economy and value creation one paragraph will deal with how it will lead to trickle-down theory by this thing but the next suffering will be overall suffering will be challenges or capitalism however leads to inequality or capitalism and inequality. Read more about approaches to essay writing on Edusson.

And in that you will not say that my god between the rich and the poor there is areas geographical areas which are affected that some areas are more brown and some areas are not so grown right you will not say that it results in regressive taxation or whatever it is these are the various angles you not give subheadings for each of those handles but introduction benefits of capitalism capitalism and inequality and then conclusion you don’t have to give interaction as I saw bidding introduction will be the most two paragraphs then main subheading which will change benefits of capitalism and which you want to bring and inequality will be a sabbatical may not result in trickle-down theory may result in inequality I have shown by no empirical evidence across the world results in geography cuz you know differentiation some of the geographies are well developed while some of the geographies are not so well develop it leads to exploitation like how it happens within the societies or between continents here by so each of those topics which you want to bring under the ills of capitalism will not be a separate sided they will be separate paragraphs but you can give and oh sorry so I am NOT give more than two or three subheadings right depending on aspects from which you want depending on the topic.

So there are three angles which you want to three distinct angles three separate subheadings would not more than that and then no this uh biddings ideally you can write we don’t even have to underline it right this uh bidding in bold letters so it is clear that it is a submitting so you know only important words you may want to underline but again don’t make it a control you know it controlled you all of you understand right in computer and you do can told you everything gets underlined so people will get irritated examiner will get irritated if you keep your underline some hundred words in a page where you written 300 words don’t worry you PLC don’t worry you and you don’t know the examiner will definitely read your answer sheet well right and if you terminal you’ll get good lucks so you don’t have to worry oh what if this word is missed out by the examiner don’t bother.

Reading After Writшng

If you are not sure where the pub date is after the title page flip the page over that’s the copyright page and whatever the where it says symbol C and then the date that’s a copyright date that’s the date you wanted to use for your publication date so like simple C 2010 that’s the date mm no URLs where students fall down awhile and using URLs is that they’ll just give the URL WWE website calm period that’s it so when John and I go to your bit pages and just see these URLs we don’t know what these are so make your URLs complete in your bibliography treat the URL like a standard bibliographic reference put the name of the author the name of the article the name of the website and the date if there is a date on the website or whatever date you hold the URL okay so that’s the name of the author and maybe the article and they’ve got a website and the date if and if it’s not the date of the website itself.

And whatever date you pulled it that will really help us to know what you’re referring to spell check and grammar check it is essential that you run your papers through spell check and grammar check when they’re completed I can’t tell you how many people tell me people fall down by not doing that because you’ve got this great paper you’ve got on your research that this you know really strong paper but then it’s filled with romantical errors spelling errors that could have been fixed just by running it through spell check and grammar check please do that it makes a huge difference now I’m going to get into the reviewing and editing and proofreading process in a minute but I do just want to say one thing here if you have time to step away from your paper for a while before you submit it that is really good.

You want to read your paper again after your initial writing that’s where you can look for things like declare the sentence introductory sentence spelling you know spelling grammar errors that kind of thing you will be amazed at what jumps out at you once you read your paper over again a date is usually recommended give it a day then go back to it I know that isn’t always possible you’re finishing your exams or your cure papers like at the last minute but at least give it a couple of hours just step away from it and then go back to it you will be like an editor reading your own work and you will be amazed at what jumps out at you trust me am i right on that job oh yeah also if you have somebody else to read your paper a friend or relative even before you submit it to an English major or somebody at the ready clinic that would be really helpful because that person that doesn’t know what you’re talking about if something he says is unclear that person can say I don’t understand this what did you mean then you can clarify it that makes a real difference.

Writing an Essay for International Exams

Today we are going to look again at one of your comments, this time about writing. Oumaima (I hope I said that right) Oumaima says: You’re amazing sir!  Please can you help me by telling me what are the steps to follow for writing an essay or short paragraph.

And what is the best way to improve my English more and more. Well thank you very much for your very kind words. When it comes to writing essays for international exams, there are two important things that you need to remember. Read the question and plan your answer. In my experience for international exams like CAE, CPE, IELTS and TOEFL, there’s normally 3 or 4 points that are mentioned in the questions that you must refer to in your answer. These carry a lot of weight in the grading because they show that you have understood the task. And it’s always important to plan you writing,

That’s true in any language. Make sure that each paragraph has a theme and that you don’t jump around. Give your work an overall structure with a beginning and middle and an end. Well I hope that is helpful for the writing. For the second part of your question, the best way to improve more and more Is to keep practicing and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes so the more you make the more you learn. Thanks for the question Oumaima, and everyone; What kind of writing do you get asked to do? How do you find it? Let me know in the comments below.

Academic Writing Tips : How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Today we’re going to talk about how to write a persuasive essay. All good essays in my opinion are persuasive. All strong essays will have a very passionate opinion about what they are being written about. So, essentially all essays should be persuasive in some way. But to actually be a persuasive essay that is in quotes, you actually have to be very up front about your position on the particular topic you’re writing about. So what you should do is therefore take everything, all the reasons to agree with your position and write them all down. And then take all the reasons to disagree with your position and write them down as well. And systematically go through and figure out why your position is better than the other position. In a persuasive essay, you actually want to be honest, I hope, about what you’re writing about and about what you’re trying to persuade the reader to believe. So you should actually really check yourself and make sure that you don’t mention anything that you might have questions about in your mind as you’re writing this essay. So, go ahead and pick out the best arguments that you could present. But also give integrity to the opposing side. Let people know that yes, you understand how people could think in a different way but you yourself know that’s the wrong way. So you want to persuade the reader to essentially come over to your side. And like I said before, I think all good strong essays are persuasive in some way. If I get to the end of an essay and I haven’t been persuaded of at least something, I pretty much wasted my time. So think about that as you write any kind of paper.

Key aspects of internet business

Nowadays in the age of e-commerce, starting an internet business and become an entrepreneur has become easier like never before. The people and merchants are opening various kinds of services shops, agency, freelance teams and online e-commerce stores to start their businesses. Here are some key aspects to keep in mind for the proper functioning and growth of your business. By the way, it essay was written by essay help service.

Estimate the Demand or create a bit

    1. The leadership of the company estimates the overall need and requirement in the market related to your product. If you have a unique concept and a product, you should create a demand for it through advertisements, referral programs, freebies, word of mouth gossip or joint ventures. Without demand no one will buy your product. So keep this in mind if you want to grow your internet business.

Keep it simple while ordering

    1. The visitors to your site are your potential customers, so it is necessary that you have a smooth functioning site with simple ordering facility. This hassle free approach is necessary to not bore out the customer and convert the interests in to profits for your internet business.

Payment options

    1. So after the ordering process is done with, you must have instant payment options available for your customers wherein they can pay with the popular payment gateways. The popular payment gateways are VISA/MASTERCARD credit or debit cards, moneybookers, paypal, alertpay, Bank transfer etc. The more options you provide, the more is the possibility of receiving orders from different geographical locations.

Packaging and delivery

    1. After the payment is done, you don’t just relax as the work is just half done. As a reliable internet business, it is your duty to see that the payment you take for meets all the delivery of the products to the customers. This can be difficult to manage on your own so at least one dedicated department or an assistant should look over this job. One should also try to make partnerships with different courier and delivery services to build reliable link and get discounts.

Service and Support, customer care

                   Once the sale of the product has been completed, you should also provide a money back guarantee for a                         small limited period of time. Apart from that if it is your own product then you should also provide the                           customer with after sales services and support. This enables the entrepreneurship to win over the hearts                         of your customer and keep them loyal toward your organization. This is a very important step of internet                       business strategies. You can also choose to outsource the services department if you wish so.


  1. The management must also make sure that the transactions made on your e-commerce store are 100% secure. One thing to do about this is get an https by registering for a validity security certificate. Your website builder can help you do that. One other thing related to payment secure is getting the VISA and MasterCard security approval badges like Verified by VISA. This helps the customer build trust on your site and helps you to get more sales which ultimately results in the growth of your internet business.