Four Steps to Find Your Core


  • First, we clarify, and we suspend judgment, forget what sounds good or looks right, and find what is real. This requires courage.

  • Next we explore your options.  The secret to creating career resonance is the knowledge that the place for “who you are naturally” already exists in the world.  It’s out there, and you can find it. And it is not random. It’s necessary to set up a clear timeline, provide structure, and apply real world criteria to your exploration process. That structure guides the “not knowing” and makes exploration much easier.

  • Next find out how you resonate.  We know intuitively in minutes whether we resonate with a person or idea, and then spend the rest of the time seeking to confirm or deny that inner knowing.  We resonate or we don’t, then we start thinking, often ignoring what we feel in favor of what sounds right or what looks best on the resume.  The “Resonate” step is about being clear and straightforward about what rings true for you and articulating that in a clear manner that others will understand.

  • Finally, you engage, which is when you bring the “who you are” to the right people and see if you resonate together. No more lobbing resumes into the internet abyss, no more spinning your story for recruiters, and no more rationalizing taking a job that isn’t quite right for you. Engage means taking clear action with the knowledge that the lifestyle, the money, the time, and most of all, the work you love to do will happen when you find the people with whom you resonate.  They will “get it” and they will get you.

Whatever it might be, here’s a quiz to help you start thinking about how to get your career in shape.

Career Management Quiz

True False Career Quiz
1. I know what I want my career to look like (career vision) by the end of 2005
2. I have a strategy and action steps to make this career vision a reality
3. I have a “Plan B” in place should unforeseen circumstances cause my job to be eliminated
4. My career vision is a good fit with the talents and strengths that I love to use
5. My career vision is a good fit with my interests and industry knowledge
6. My career vision is a good fit with things that are important to me (i.e., coworker camaraderie, my organization’s cause, commute, scheduling/hours, travel, etc.)
7. My career goals are consistent with and support the goals of my department/business unit/company
8. I know what new training and skills I need to acquire in the upcoming year (for instance, technical, computer/technology, communication/relationship, time management, leadership)
9. I know how to expand my network with important new contacts in the coming year
10. I understand the value of partnering with a professional to explore options, develop strategy, be accountable, and achieve my career goals

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, congratulations! You’re in the top tier of career professionals who proactively manage their career to get what they want out of life! If you answered “no” to even one of the questions, know that there is a career strategist and coach who is ready to partner with you in moving forward.